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Wondering what might an idea be ?

Well it can be...

  • Inspiration

    From a falling apple to gravitational waves: what inspires the creative within can become the revelation of tomorrow!
  • Thoughts

    How about taking gliding to a whole new level? Surprise yourself with your hidden creative craziness!
  • Missing links

    Who knew that the 'c' was tricking the genius for so long? Keep joining the missing links of your dream project.
  • Breakthrough

    Got the divine eureka moment? Don't let it fizz off. Stay hot on your intellectual pursuit!

It all begins with capturing those exciting ideas!

Jot down your ideas as they strike
Keep them organised
Discuss with the community when you feel ready

Stuck at where to even start or what to do next?

Relax! Rygbee will help you figure it out.

Enrich your background and develop your ideas with high-quality reads and video material
Participate in a growing international community of like-minded peers and mentors
Attach your discoveries to your ideas for future reference

Having an idea-freeze?

Get stimulated with daily food-for-thought.

Get to know about the latest news updates

Get a glimpse of how Rygbee works

You can also write your own idea and try it out

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So..what makes Rygbee so special?

  • Idea Evolution Platform

    Rygbee helps you to evolve your ideas, and not just to take notes.
    The more you ideate, the more personalized it becomes.
  • Smart Idea Guide

    Keep working on your ideas, with Rygbee as your personal assistant.
    Rygbee understands how you think (and what you might need), at every stage.
  • Personal Creative Exploration

    Explore your own creative space. You don't outsource ideas here.
    Brainstorm with like-minded people for creative engagement on similar ideas.

We dream, we create,
we grow... Together

The movement has already spread across
103 countries!

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