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The Rygbee Story

  • History

    It was a warm Florida summer of 2014, when two brothers started fiddling with the idea of how to help researchers write up their drafts well. They actually had to read up so many ill-researched drafts themselves in their professional life and were kinda quite exasperated. Later on they mused why not go a step backwards and figure out how to help them even start with a research problem. Not surprisingly, they understood that to make that happen there has to be a way where people can brainstorm ideas with each other. Thus, Rygbee was born - at least in the minds of these two brothers.

    You might be thinking why "Rygbee". Ryg means drilling oil (the treasure that we are all after!) from ocean (signifies knowledge). And, bee signifies to ryg collectively - like bees!

    One of the brothers happen to be a professor of Computer Science. He quickly came to the realization that its rather the students who require a push to their dreams, more than the pros ... dreams that are left forgotten, never to be touched. He hated it and decided to start a family - the Rygbee family, with a flock of very smart students in his campus. That was 2015 and yes, again it was summer. I think we love it hot!

    The beginning was just an academic project but it was soon felt that to make it serious and long-lasting Rygbee needs to get commercial. A group of four crazy full-time dreamers teamed up with this equally crazy prof and decided to start the movement - to bring all the creatives together into the Rygbee family and help them in enriching their intellectual persuits. Rygbee as a start-up was born in 2016. And yes, no kidding, it was summer again!!

    Rygbee has been always lucky to have fantastic research support from renowned professors across the globe. Together we strive to bring upon a magical experience to the entire family. Welcome to Rygbee! We are proud to have you as one the bees.

  • Vision

    We have a movement at hand. We call it the "Rygbee Movement". We want to dream, create, and grow - together, where creativity should know no boundaries.

  • Mission

    Rygbee aims to be the next-gen online cafe for creatives and thinkers from every corner of the world to come together and enrich their ideas. We work with and innovate on some of the best state-of-the-art AI algorithms to give our users the best possible ideation experience.