Rygbee | FAQ

Common questions about Rygbee

Inbox info@rygbee.com if you've got more questions. We will do our best to answer asap.

  • What is Rygbee?

    Rygbee is an online “idea guide”, where you can draft your thoughts or ideas and develop them by engaging with various useful thought-provoking resources.

  • What do we mean by ideas?

    Ideas can be problem-solving that may require innovation or improvisation. It may also be formulating interesting problems or hypothesis. It can be analysis of other works or can also be creative writing. It can just be some random interesting thoughts they comes up while you are waiting for the bus!

  • What is a resource?

    Resources are broadly classified into two types - human and material. Human resources can be peers who are other users in Rygbee having similar or related ideas and who have kept themselves open for discussions. They can also be mentors who have background in the area/s in which your idea/s lies and who have explicitly expressed their willingness to mentor. Material resources are research articles, wiki references, light-reads, and online courses.

  • What is ryg-up?

    You ryg-up when you are in the process of drafting out some thoughts and feel the need of boosting your thoughts by either interacting with like-minded people or studying some useful relevant resources. You should definitely attach what you like to your idea page, so that you can refer to them when you work on your idea in the future.

  • So is Rygbee an advanced note-keeping platform?

    Not at all. The platform is primarily meant to help you develop your ideas from an early stage to something concrete and meaningful. It does organize your ideas thematically in the background so that it an give you a great rygging experience.

  • Got it, so it’s a collaboration platform?

    Not quite. Collaboration is only one ingredient of idea enrichment but definitely not a necessary one. Many times we love to work in isolation, relying more on developing our foundation through self-study and hands-on. Many times we do not wish to commit to any serious team-building but just simple intellectual discussions or establish a personal relationship with a mentor or coach. Rygbee gives you that experience. Also, Rygbee clearly distinguishes collaboration from peer discussion. Collaboration requires proper safeguard of Intellectual Property and provision for Non-Disclosure Agreement. The current version does not have this feature but we are going to launch it very soon.

  • Is Rygbee AI-driven?

    You have got it spot on. Rygbee is a product of years of academic research efforts, in collaboration with some of the leading minds in University of Oxford and University of Bonn. At Rygbee, we keep improvising and theorising novel architectures and algorithms that can understand your thought-process and how it evolves. We constantly benchmark ourselves with state-of-the-art text analytic systems that have been reported in the community. There’s a lot of natural language understanding and adaptive personalized recommendations, requiring in-house techniques both from the world of machine learning and automated reasoning.

  • Will Rygbee give me a plan of action if I submit my idea?

    No, and we would not like to do that even if we have the technology. The point is to ignite the creative beast within you and not to make you a human robot. Rygbee does not like dictating what you should be doing, but rather give you different, equally exciting leads for you to choose and evolve.

  • Can anyone on Rygbee connect with me?

    No, and this is where we are very different from other social network platforms. In Rygbee, ideas get connected. So if you keep a particular idea public (i.e. you want discussion on that idea) then, only those users will be able to connect who have similar or related ideas. You get to see the reason why they want to connect with you and what are their expectations from you. We understand that creatives need space and hence, we do not like to bother you unnecessarily.

  • Is my idea safe on Rygbee?

    By default all your idea pages are private. We assume that you are always in a “I am not yet ready to discuss” mode until you specifically set the page public for discussion. No user on Rygbee can see each other’s private content, including you :-). However, we currently have no mechanism of client-side encrypted-content matchmaking, having which we could have “computationally” guaranteed that there is just no way we, at Rygbee, can see (and do naughty things with) your idea. If you are too concerned, then you can just skip the secret sauce portion but then, you should not keep that in any other platform other than your brain or your private diary. A final note: sharing is unbelievably good for your ideas. Don’t be panicky, ideas rarely get stolen, … and, we have hell lot of very important work to do to keep making your ideation experience magical! :-)

  • Can I start a team project on Rygbee?

    At the moment no, but we are furiously working on it and promise to gift you that soon.

  • Who can use Rygbee?

    Literally anyone. It can be entrepreneurs or corporate professionals working on specific projects, looking for top-class interns or the right set of teammates. It can be students or faculties at schools and universities, who want to connect to each other and work on exciting projects. It can be researchers working on serious open problems/issues and looking for focussed collaboration. It can even be your grandma who wants to give a tweak to her apple pie recipe and surprise you all in the upcoming christmas party!

  • Do I have to pay?

    As an individual user, absolutely not so far as this universal flavor of Rygbee is concerned. There will be some fine-tuned flavors for researchers and corporate professionals coming up, but we are still not sure whether we want to make that free as well.